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Mark Roberts Fairies: Fun Collectibles for All Ages

Mark Roberts Fairies makes a unique collection of imaginative, intricate and unique Mark Roberts Fairiesfairies, Santas, elves, pixies and other collectable gifts that have gained a major following by collectors all around the world since their creator, Mark Roberts, began his company in 1984. Mark Roberts Fairies is based in Santa Ana, California, but his products can be found at authorized retailers across the United States, Australia and New Zealand, including Sedona’s Talk of the Town in Sedona, Arizona which even has a Mark Roberts Fairies Online Store for your year round shopping convenience!

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 Mark Roberts Fairies Are Not Just for Christmas

Mark Roberts Fairies presents Pilgrim FairyAlthough Mark Roberts Fairies is best known for their Christmas collections of elves, Santas and Christmas cards, there is much more to Mark Roberts Fairies than just Christmas cheer. There is a fairy for just about every season and holiday, like the Pilgrim Fairy from the Fall collection, which also includes several whimsical witches. For the spring, there is a wonderful spring fairy collection, along with some very fun Easter collectibles, like chicks and Easter bunnies. There is even a quite popular 4th of July Fairy.

Mark Roberts Fairies also caters to collectors with hobbies.

For those collectors with a green thumb, there is the Prolific Gardener Fairy and the Rose Garden Fairy. Other special fairies include the Bird Lover Fairy and the Wine Lover Fairy. Mark Roberts Fairies even has a fun collection of dogs and monkeys. The imagination behind these products is unbelievable, and they are all quite detailed, making it clear why they have gained such a following of avid collectors.


Mark Roberts Fairies Contributes to Charity

Mark Roberts, creater of Mark Roberts Fairies, Witches, Elves, Santas, and Pixies

Other than the amazing details and extensive collections of Mark Roberts Fairies, there is another aspect of the company and its founder that give reason to love these products; Mark Roberts Fairies is a consistent contributor to several charities, not only locally in the Southern California area, but nationally and internationally. Mark Roberts Fairies contributes a portion of their proceeds to causes such as the Make a Wish Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, The American Cancer Society and the Orange County Rescue Mission. As well as monthly donations, Mark Roberts Fairies also releases fairies specially designed to support specific causes, such as the Fairy of Miracles, which benefits the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Fairy of MiraclesIt is Mark’s hope that by setting a good example, other businesses will become more involved on a daily basis in helping to improve the lives of those less fortunate in our community and world.


Order Mark Roberts Fairies from Sedona’s Talk of the Town. If you don’t see the particular one you are looking for, just use their contact form or call to request a special order!

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